Steamy Romance Novels by Writer Marina Martindale

The Reunion

The Deception

The Journey

Read Marina Martindale’s literary work, and believe in second chances again. This is her debut novel about painter Gillian Matthews, and her pursuit of her first, truest love.

Lose yourself in contemporary romance. In this book, photographer Carrie Daniels models for a private commission, when all of a sudden, her photos fall into the wrong hands.

Marina Martindale steals your breath away with death, revenge, and strange turns. Blissful newlyweds Cassie and Jeremy Palmer have perfect lives, until tragedy strikes.

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Learn about Marina Martindale

Marina Martindale is a prolific writer residing in Tucson, Arizona. She has authored five romance novels, and her only regret is not having started writing sooner. She began her career as a graphic artist and designer, before publishing a series of award-winning children's books under a different name. She would eventually move to adult fiction, creating complex story lines with believable, three-dimensional characters, some of whom are based on her life experiences. She often warns her friends to be careful what they say, because they might end up in her next novel.

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